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California Tourism
Official website of the California Tourist Board.

State of California
Official website of the California State. All you
need to know about the California history, culture, economy, transportations, health...

San Francisco Visitors Bureau
Official website of the San Francisco Convention
and Visitors Bureau. Many maps and useful informations !

Santa Barbara Visitors Bureau
Official website of the Santa Barbara Convention
and Visitors Bureau.

Los Angeles Visitors Bureau
Official website of the Los Angeles Convention
and Visitors Bureau. A lot of ideas to enjoy
your stay in L.A.

San Diego Visitors Bureau
Official website of the San Diego Convention
and Visitors Bureau.

Photos Voyages - California
In june 1998, Cyril decided to spend 15 days
in California. He now shows you the result :
a website with text and, sometimes, strange
photos. Don't miss out the turtle picture....

San Francisco Dream
Lionel gives you many advices and tips to enjoy
San Francisco and the other cities on the bay.
A guide you have to read before your
departure !

Route 66
Have your Harley Davidson ready and "get
your kicks on Route 66", from Chicago
to Los Angeles. See you in Santa Monica !

Leonard's Cam World - California
Leonard proposes you a lot of links to the
webcams in Calinfornia ! Enjoy webcams from
San Francisco to Los Angeles.


San Francisco

Santa Barbara

Los Angeles

San Diego